Monday, July 18, 2011

shroomsssss (stuffed french onion style and with baked brie)

Our first food/blogging, (one might call it flogging) adventure was stuffed mushrooms two ways.
Firstly, I noticed the large portabellas, then I noticed the brie.  I knew this was gonna be good.   I began to google brie stuffed mushroom recipes and found nothing I was satisfied with.  But I came across a french onion stuffed mushroom recipe (on a blog) that sounded jizztastic.  
So I collected the ingredients...

Stuffed Mushrooms, 2 ways (Makes 5 Brie and French Onion)

1) A little fresh Parsley 
2) 10 stuffing portabellas, stems removed
3) 1 yellow onion
4) 4 oz butter
5) 4 TB EVOO
6) 2 oz Beef Stock (good quality, lol Ina)
7) 5 small slices of Gruyere 
8) 4 cloves garlic chopped
9) dash of salt
10) A slice of sourdough
11) 4 oz of Brie

Sorry for the hipster looking photo.  

French Onion Stuffing;

Julienne the onion, then sauté the onions in 1oz of butter over medium heat until caramelized, about 7 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

Then, with the onions in the skillet add the beef broth.  Doing this deglazes the pan and incorporates all the yummy (jizztastic) French Onion Soup flavors. 

Next, using a different skillet, sauté all of the mushrooms (whole) in 1oz of butter and a tablespoon of olive, over medium heat. At some point flip the mushrooms and add a little salt.  Continue cooking until the texture is a little softer than before.  

Remove 5 of the mushrooms from the pan, place the other 5 aside.  Fill the cavities of the mushrooms with caramelized onions, continue filling until there is no more onion!  Top each mushroom with a slice of Gruyere and place the mushrooms on a baking sheet.  Place the sourdough slice on the other side of the baking sheet a spread 1tablespoon of EVOO on it.  Now, put the entire pan in the oven, under the broiler setting and cook until cheese melts and is bubbly, about 5 min.  Then place on a serving plate and top with fresh parsley! (Note, save the sourdough for the brie stuffing)
French Onion Stuffed Mushrooms

For the Brie stuffing;

Sauté the garlic with some parsley in 1oz of butter and 1 tablespoon of EVOO over medium heat for about a minute, a little past them being fragrant.  

Remove the garlic mixture from the pan and place the remaining 5 mushrooms on a metal baking pan.  

Next, add a small amount of brie to the cavity of the mushrooms.  Then, place some of the garlic mixture in the cavity also.  Break apart the sourdough toast essentially, and place a small part on top of the brie and garlic, on the mushroom.  

Finally, add the remaining brie on the bread and broil the mushrooms until the cheese is slightly bubbly.  

And enjoy!!!!

Next time I think it would be amazingly, jizzatastically tasty to egg batter the mushrooms whole and sauté them in a sourdough crust.  

Be sure to watch Love in the Wild on Wednesday night! My old coworker is on it! 


Getting to know the Sabaho Tarde family....

 What my friends think I am.... big mouth for eating lots.

 My neighbor, Aphrodite!!! So cutie and always hungry :)

Welcome to Sabado Tarde!

So I always seemed to find blogs somewhat self-centered although I constantly found myself resorting to blogs for some of the most creative and innovative way to make and eat food.  Beignets to muffins, bloggers are wonderful recipe gods! With that being said I have decided that I want to be apart of this sector of foodies.

You're not going to find a classy wine or cheese in my fridge, probably won't even find half decent beer, unfortunately natty light is the drink of choice around here.  We, my roommates, Chrissy and Thia and myself live in Isla Vista, the beach town the borders UCSB.  I am going on my third year there and I can tell you that it is one of the most influential parts of my life.

Anyways, I am an environmental studies major, the BS, although it is definitely not bs.  And I am really interested in sustainability, food and food systems.  I've been cooking since around 7th grade, while my grandpa was in the hospital I prepared a baked sole dinner for the rest of my family.  And slowly I became more interested in baking and shizz, completing a pretty lame high school cooking class, finally taking on more challenging recipes.  I would sneak back to the kitchen of the restaurant I worked in at home in Sonoma.  And there I had some wonderful experiments and delish fatty meals.  In college I craved to cook and did everything once I was outta the shitty dining commons, and into my own jank apartment kitchen.  Still its filled with love and great food (hopefully).  I also completed a internship at a local sustainable kitchen, where I learned a lot about canning and how people don't always follow through with what they say.

But regardless, I love being a fat ass! Eating everything that comes in a close vicinity of me, and I love preparing foods for others, and sharing my love.  So I hope someone enjoys this blog, but if not this is a great way to document the crazy, broke, cheap IV adventures