Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome to Sabado Tarde!

So I always seemed to find blogs somewhat self-centered although I constantly found myself resorting to blogs for some of the most creative and innovative way to make and eat food.  Beignets to muffins, bloggers are wonderful recipe gods! With that being said I have decided that I want to be apart of this sector of foodies.

You're not going to find a classy wine or cheese in my fridge, probably won't even find half decent beer, unfortunately natty light is the drink of choice around here.  We, my roommates, Chrissy and Thia and myself live in Isla Vista, the beach town the borders UCSB.  I am going on my third year there and I can tell you that it is one of the most influential parts of my life.

Anyways, I am an environmental studies major, the BS, although it is definitely not bs.  And I am really interested in sustainability, food and food systems.  I've been cooking since around 7th grade, while my grandpa was in the hospital I prepared a baked sole dinner for the rest of my family.  And slowly I became more interested in baking and shizz, completing a pretty lame high school cooking class, finally taking on more challenging recipes.  I would sneak back to the kitchen of the restaurant I worked in at home in Sonoma.  And there I had some wonderful experiments and delish fatty meals.  In college I craved to cook and did everything once I was outta the shitty dining commons, and into my own jank apartment kitchen.  Still its filled with love and great food (hopefully).  I also completed a internship at a local sustainable kitchen, where I learned a lot about canning and how people don't always follow through with what they say.

But regardless, I love being a fat ass! Eating everything that comes in a close vicinity of me, and I love preparing foods for others, and sharing my love.  So I hope someone enjoys this blog, but if not this is a great way to document the crazy, broke, cheap IV adventures

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